Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Grieve for Hyunsu, But I Also Grieve for Many Other Children...

These are some of the recent news flashes from the PD Notes broadcast by MBC-TV in Korea. The message in the TV screen says, 

 "A shocking news that a Jr. High girl gave a birth and murdered her baby"
"A teenage girl gives a birth in a motel...
room and throws her baby out the window and kills."
"A woman in 20's gives birth in a PC Game Center's restroom and kills the baby."
"A dead baby with un umbilical chord still attached discovered by police."

These are just a few examples of many babies that are murdered or abandoned in Korea due to unwed mothers wanting to remain anonymous rather than register their babies as the Special Adoption Law requires.

My heart goes out to Hyunsu at the same time I grieve for these precious and innocent babies who died without ever being loved or cared.
I don't mean to take away any memory or attention from Hyunsu in any way, but my heart also breaks that there are many other babies whose lives are being taken away in Korea, even today.


  1. We grieve, yet God grieves more. We cry, yet God cries more. And so we place our hope in our Creator who knows each of these children by name and who welcomes each into His glorious kingdom.

  2. Thank you. At least God will remember them.

  3. The world grieves the loss of this precious child. Let us please remember that almost all parents, adoptive and birth, are wonderful and caring people who would never harm a child.