Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Shocking Interview by a Grown Orphan - Orphan on Orphan Abuses

This is from the <Weekly IMPeter> blog site in Korea.
Special Interview: Mr. Jun Yoon Hwan of Orphans Rights Alliance.

IMPeter is a blog name, and he is very widely followed by over 600,000 readers in Korea.
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The title of the video is "Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse is a Part of Everyday Culture in an Orphanage".

For the first time ever, an organization to voice the orphans' rights and human rights has been formed in Korea.  A former orphan himself, Mr. Jun Yoon Hwan, founded the 'Orphans Rights Alliance' to wipe away the tears of orphans that are abandoned by their biological parents.

Mr. Jun shares the horror of living through the abuses and sufferings in his orphanage while the adult care takers turned their faces, and the abuses were what he considers as 'something normal' in their daily lives.  For example, he witnessed a sexual abuse by some older boys against a first grade girl at the orphanage, and he even saw an older boy sexually molesting a younger boy as well. Tragedies such as these are pretty common place in an orphanage.

Mr. Jun of the Orphans Rights Alliance states that the abuses like these have become a daily culture in the orphanages, and it still continues to this day.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare claimed that these types of abuses may have happened in the past, but they don't exist anymore.  But contrary to what the Ministry says, the sexual and physical abuses by the stronger orphans against the weaker orphans continue to be an issue in many orphanages.