Monday, April 29, 2013

About Min - A family is needed

I have never done this one, but an MPAK member sent me this child's information.  If you are interested in Min, please visit the link below.  I copied and pasted the texts in the link describing the child.  I hope she finds a home soon.

About Min

What a little doll! Her name is Min Kyo and she is waiting for you. Min Kyo is of Korean descent and is a precious little girl who needs a whole lot of cuddles. Min Kyo was born in July of 2012 and needs a family that will nurture her and give her an opportunity to grow and thrive. When you speak to her, she will pay attention and start to laugh. Min Kyo is able to scoot around the home on the floor and holds her head pretty well. Overall Min Kyo is a happy and calm baby who is easily soothed.

Min Kyo was born with a diagnosis of Microcephaly and Seizure disorder. She is legally blind and has possible hearing loss. She continues to struggle with her seizure disorder and the doctor has been working on getting the appropriate dosage to help control it. Min Kyo produces no tears and needs to have her eyes massages 4 times a day. Min Kyo has global developmental delays and is currently benefitting from Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Visual Therapy from Regional Center.

If you would like to provide a loving home for this little girl, please call the Department of Children and Family Services.

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