Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Son Has Finally Arrived Today

It took some time to process, but our son Hyeondong has finally arrived in the US today.
My wife and I traveled to Washington DC from Los Angeles to attend the Holt International's 55th Anniversary International Adoption Forum, and one of the several guests attending the Forum from Korea escorted our son.
My interest in the Forum is that I will be presenting my story as an adoptee under the theme "Giving Back".

The Forum is being sponsored by Holt International and an adoptee group named Adoptees for Children (A4C).  The Forum is being attended by representatives from many countries.  Visit http://www.holtintl.org/ for furthern information.

I will post blogs of each day's happenings as we will spend a few days in the DC area.  One of the important guests from Korea is a deputy director who oversees the adoption bureau in the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW).  Also in attendance is Mrs. Han Youn Hee of MPAK-Korea President.  MOHW has made a special request through MPAK to visit a few government organizations related to adoption. 

Our son Hyeondong is 14 years old.   41 years ago I was adopted by the Morrison family as a 14 years old boy.  Today, another 14 years old by became a Morrison.  Even though it was not a deliberate plan to adopt a 14 years old, it just worked out that way.  We though Hyeondong was a couple of years younger.

Tomorrow when I get a chance I will post some pictures.  So stay tuned.