Sunday, March 20, 2011

MPAK - OC Region Meeting

MPAK - OC Group Engaging in the Adoption Diaglogue

    While the MPAK Valley Group was meeting at Andrew and Helen Kim's house in Chatsworth, down in 80 miles south of it was the gathering place of the MPAK-OC (Orange County) group at Brian and Kathy Shin's house in Aliso Viejo.  The two gatherings were on the same date and time (not planned on purpose).

The OC group had around 35 people, mostly adults.  What was unusual about this OC gathering was that there were many new couples that came for the first time to MPAK.  According to Brian Shin, the new faces outnumbered the old.  Both Brian and Kathy were very excited about the first timers and wished that they will continue to come and be encouraged.

Brian said that he was very moved by meeting one particular couple that is adopting their first child and he is a special needs child.  It was obvious the way that Brian described the couple that he was really impressed by them. 

Brian and Kathy shared their adoption story, of how they came to one MPAK meeting, and then a long journey after that of adopting three children over the years, and how God had blessed them through the children. 

Brian and Kathy were both tired, but said that they were extremely happy and gratified that they could host the MPAK gathering at their house.  They have been energized by the whole experience.  Brian, Kathy, and myself included, would like to thank all the people that came to make our MPAK gatherings such a great success. 

Next up is the MPAK-LA Group gathering (To be announced later), and our MPAK's 12th Annual Picnic at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park on May 21, 2011.  The picnic will be a combined four MPAK regional groups (San Diego, OC, LA, and Valley) together in one place. 

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