Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea (MPAK)

Greetings from the founder of MPAK

Thank you for visiting the MPAK blog site! My dear friend. Mr. Harry Holt once said, "Every Child Deserves a Home of His Own." I believe the time has come for Koreans and Korean-Americans to reach out and help homeless children in Korea. Although each year over a thousand of homeless Korean children find homes overseas, there remains much greater number of children who are not adopted and must grow up in orphanages in Korea. Also the intercountry adoption program will come to an end someday. Time is short and there is an urgent need to promote adoption in Korea.
In my attempt to create this blog site for MPAK, every effort will be made to cover the topics that are of interest to Korean-American adoptive families.  This does not exclude so many great families that are not of Korean descent that have adopted children from Korea, you are certainly welcome to join the blog. 

This blog is also hopeful of many potential Korean-Americans that are considering adoption but have various concerns or issues that stand in their way. The blog does not have all the answers, but it will evolve to cover inputs by viewers. The web site is designed to help the viewers to look at the concept of adoption positively, and help them to overcome fear in adoption. It is designed to address the needs of homeless children in Korea. It is designed to help them to see the beauty in adoption for the sake of children as well as for them.

Stephen C. Morrison
A Korean Adoptee
Founder of MPAK

MPAK's goal - is to bring about positive changes to the Korean adoption culture, so that all the homeless children will grow up in loving homes.


  1. I know it seems that Korean and/or Korean-American families seem to be the way to go but what if someone of Non-Korean descent wants to adopt? Every Child Deserves a Home, any home that will provide opportunity, love and support. That is my feelings.

  2. Hi Steve.. I'm wondering how open is this adoption registry in Korea? Can anyone look at it in country? Just wondering for an article. Thanks!