Saturday, April 25, 2015

Family Court Situation in Korea

I last posted on the development in the Family Court in Korea on February 24, 2015 (see the posting .  This is a follow up status as many have contacted me with the questions related to the Family Court.

Since the judging staff was reduced from four to two, there has been no noticeable delays experienced.  This is based on the feedbacks I have received from two different agencies. 

What's interesting (and relieved to hear) is that one judge in question has picked up some speed.  For instance, once an adoption case is filed with the court, this judge used to take as long as six months before a court date is set.  Now I am hearing that it's taking him two to three months (based on the information that the February submissions to the court have all been assigned with the court dates, and many of the families have already traveled and come back).

So despite the reduction in the staff of judges to two, they are able to concentrate more on the adoption cases, and no noticeable delays have been occurring.  And this is a good news for all the waiting parents.

I will continue to update with the latest happenings.

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