Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MPAK National Conference to Promote Domestic Adoption

Attached is the MPAK's national conference poster.

 MPAK's annual conference in Korea typically draws 600-800 people, where adoptive families from every corners of Korea will converge to celebrate domestic adoption.

It began in 2000 with a motto "Adoption - Shouldn't We Also Do It?"
Since then it has mushroomed in Korea with MPAK adoptive family support networks springing up everywhere.  Today we have 28 groups in Korea, and six in the US.

The conference event will be on Saturday, Nov. 9th at the Geumchon City Hall at 12PM. We welcome all those who are visiting in Korea to come and celebrate with us.

There will be many grown up adoptees, and happy to report that Hollee McGinnis will be one of the speakers sharing her adoption story.  We also have a congressional representative Lee Mok Hee, and the Hon. Paull Shin that will take a part in the event.

There will be performances by the Korean Adoptee Children's Choir, a band, and a special performance by Ms. Shim Soo Bong (심수봉), who was once the most acclaimed singer in Korea.  Her music is still loved by all in Korea.

Although the event started 14 years ago, this is the 13th event, as we had to cancel one year due to an influenza (SARS?) outbreak in Korea that discouraged people from assembling together.

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