Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Off to Korea I Go

It's that time of the year, the annual National Adoption Day on May 11th.

I will be traveling to Korea tomorrow, and as soon as I land I will be whisked to Kwachon City Adoption Festival, where MPAK has been conducting this festival for several years with the funding provided by the Kwachon City (just south of Seoul).

In addition to the National Adoption Day event, I will be speaking at a church in Ansung, and to the students at a univeristy in Busan. 

For past week, there has been so much that has happened.  The foremost of which was the Hope for Orphans Institute event at the Saddleback Church.  Two days later, the Summit VIII by Christian Alliance for Orphans at the same place.

Since the event, I had no time to sit down and form my thoughts or download the pictures to share on my blog.  But I am expecting to do this when I am sleepless in Seoul adjusting to their local time, which will take a few days, and then by then I will have to come back home.

I can't promise anything.  But I do intend on visiting MOHW and talk to the government officials, and perhaps visit with some agencies as well.  If there is anything that I can share with my readers, I will be more than happy to.

Steve Morrison


  1. Have an excellent trip, Steve, and thanks for all that you do.

  2. Thank you for all you do. Travel safely and we look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  3. Thank you so much for your work- may you be blessed.

  4. Blessings and safe travels, Steve. Thanks for all that you do!

  5. We live in France and we adopted a little boy who is now 5 years and we have been waiting over a year from now get our second child.
    we are very impressed with your actions for adoption in coree. It would be great to have a person as you in France to relay our messages to the korea because sometimes we feel a little lonely in the meantime our children...

    Congratulations again for all you are doing and give us your news, we wait impatiently, even for the France ...(sorry for my english !...

    1. That's why it is so nice that we are all connected together through internet. My advocacy for homeless children has no boundary. I strongly believe a child's primary need to be placed in loving homes, be they in Korea, the US or even in France.

  6. We look forward to hearing about your trip. Thank you for all you do!

  7. Hi Steve,

    I hope your trip is going well! I'm wondering if you have any more information about how the new law will affect adoptive parents (as July/August is quickly approaching)? I am nervous that the changes will impact travel time etc...

    Any information you can provide would be helpful.

  8. Hi Steve,
    I hope you have safe travels. I am also wondering how the change in laws will affect adoptive parents as we are currently waiting to bring my son home from Korea. Any information about the change in process would be very helpful!

    Thank you!

  9. So glad to see that some others have posted about this. I'm also interested in hearing about the changes in the law and how they will affect the process and families. Do we need to be worried at all?

    Thank you. Any information will be helpful and perhaps help ease some fears.

  10. What is the current thought from MHOW, Orphanges, our local angencies and current adopting parents that these kids were reffered when they were months old and now are nearing 2 Years old?
    Is there any effort to teach them a few basic english commands?
    Us some Korean?
    Creating a log of the childs daily routine that will be given to the new parents to help with the transition?
    How long (life long?) the greiving process will continue? Why we/the child are in this position to begin with?
    Future help for the current foster family's loss/greiving process that have done an amazing job?
    how the new Adoption law in Korea starting in august will affect int'l adop?
    If kiddos that are currently waiting for EPs will once again be pushed into the next year 2013 so they can turn 3 ?
    Steve, thanks for everything you do.

  11. I think you must be back from Korea by now. Thank you so much for your hard work!

    I would really be interested in discussing older child adoption in Korea. Tens of thousands of kids are currently placed at "care facilities "( de facto orphanages). I am personally adopting two older children from a local orphanage. the road to adoption has been incredibly tough!

    I am just curious why none of these kids ever even get to the adoption "pool ". The vast majority of them are labeled "unadoptable". Can the MOHW address this issue? Any thoughts?