Sunday, May 27, 2012

Group Photo - The 13th Annual MPAK Picnic

MPAK had the 13th Annual MPAK Picnic yesterday at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park, California
Despite being a Memorial Day weekend, around 150 showed up.

Mr. Oshell Oh took the pictures (and he did take many pictures) sent me this photo with a large title in the picture. At first I though the title was too big, but after looking at the photo I realized what he did.
He tried to hide all BBQ grill and the trash cans in the foreground. Next time we will be careful to place the moonbounce in a more photo-friendly location.

Mr. Oh was taking lots of pictures and video shots and interviews as a part of a video/photo presentation that will be shown at the Disney Concert Hall on July 31st when the LA Korean Philharmonic Orchestra performs the Concert of Love event titled "Beethoven's Night" to raise funds for MPAK.  The flyers were handed out yesterday at the picnic.

Thanks to the four members of the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (선한목자장로교회) that came early to help out with the picnic. Thanks to all the visitors and the first timers that came to our picnic.

With great foods, lots of happy kids entertained by a clown, moonbounce, games, and prizes, and lots of happy families, it was a great day. Thanks to Jae Cho for the cotton candy machine, Susan Kim for preparing the gifts for the kids, Junhyung Lee for running the games for the kids, and Denise Adams for face painting.

Thanks also to the two families from San Diego - the families of Matthew Pustelnik and Morton Park, thanks for coming a long way.

The next major event will be on July 31st at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and we are expected to have around 1500 in the audience.

Each year the picnic has grown with more kids and families, and MPAK is very much blessed through all the families.

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