Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Hyunsu – This Time Beaten to Death by His Birthmother in Korea

Another Hyunsu – This Time Beaten to Death by His Birthmother in Korea

A Birthmother Beats Her 22-Month-Old Son to Death after a Change of Heart on Adoption
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The Namyangju City Police files murder charges on a 22-year-old birthmother.
The birthmother, who originally planned to have her son adopted overseas but changed her mind, beat her 22-month-old son to death for prolonged crying after a fall.  The police department at the city of Namyangju in the Kyong-gi province arrested and filed murder charges against the 22-year-old mother on April 10th.

On March 24th, the boy was playing in the living room of their apartment after waking up at 11 o’clock in the morning. The birthmother beat her son several times in the abdomen area because the boy would not stop crying after a fall. 
Initially, the birthmother reported to the police that ‘the boy was not moving after falling asleep’. But the police became suspicious and probed the mother further by questioning her because the boy’s body had sustained numerous injuries and bruise marks on the face and on the body.  After further questioning, she confessed to the murder.

According to the police report, the mother gave birth to the boy in June of 2012, and decided to relinquish him to an adoption agency to be adopted overseas, and a foster mother took care of the baby since September of the same year.
Once the boy’s intercountry adoption was decided, the mother filed a petition to the agency to reclaim the boy, and he was returned back to the mother on March 12th of this year.

The  birthmother already had a 4-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, and later had the boy who is now dead.  After her boyfriend joined the military service, she raised her daughter by herself.  The couple was not married.


  1. So, how is this another Hyunsu? Was this one also beaten to death by a wealthy white man who bought him? How tacky of you to use this child's death to promote the buying and selling of children.

  2. To Kim Young ~ It is unfortunate that you view adoption as a means of "buying & selling of children." You have obviously missed the point Mr. Steve Morrison is getting at. That it isn't only through adoption that these horrific acts can occur, but by individuals of all races by both an adoptive parent and birth parent.

  3. This is so sad. This birthmother only had her son back for a short while. The beginning stages of bonding are quite difficult for a toddler and it can be hard for their parent too. I wonder if this birthmother had enough support and knowledge of how to deal with her son's stress and with her own stress in trying to get back the bonding and trust of her son who she had not seen since he was 3months old. I think what should be focused on here is that, when a child goes through a disruption in their homelife, there must be better support for the adult and child who are trying to bond. This doesn't only apply to adoption, step-families also deal with this on some scale, as well as children taking into the foster system, and then reunited with their families. I would guess that there are also similarities in woman who deal with postpartum depression. We need to work harder at supporting parents so we can make sure stories like these don't continue to happen.