Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Regarding Negative Comments by Adoptees on Voice of Love Campaign

Just wanted to post my own thoughts based on some critical comments made on the Voice of Love facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/320976787942626/). One need to look at the whole thing in a big picture. Adoptions can go wrong. So can children born and living with their biological parents can be unhappy or don't turn out so good. Does this mean that we should stop having children to avoid risk of bringing any mishap in their life? Definitely ...not.

Adoption has some risks, just as children have some risk of growing up under their biological families, or even under their unwed mothers.

Likewise it is the same when it comes to adoption. There are adoptions that don't turn out well. But that's true in normal non-adoptive families where relationships just don't work out. What is their reasons for not turning out so well. Therefore, can you really blame your misfortune in family relationships solely on adoption?

One can share their unfortunate experiences and express their opinion on intercountry adoption, but that should not be the reason to stop all intercountry adoption. Adoption may not have worked for them, but for there are so many more children that have been blessed through intercountry adoption. Intercountry adoption provides opportunity for homeless children at least chance for them to make something of themselves. This is very limited if they have to live in institutions in Korea had they not been adopted.

I wish to comment about unwed mothers situation in Korea on my next comment.


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  1. I 100% agree with you: no one situation is perfect. We have biological kids and adopted kids in this family, any one of them could suddenly decide that they don't agree with our family values/ideas/etc and determine that their upbringing was not ideal. The beauty of a family is in its simplicity: it's a group of people who love each other living and learning together. Does't matter how they got there- just that they have each other. That's what adoption does: gives homeless children a chance to BELONG to a FAMILY. Ovbiously Korea needs to make some major changes in order to support and promote single motherhood and single parenting. However, that doesn't help the many many children who are currently parentless. The Voices of Love video is trying to help those children specifically. We can't attack EVERY problem with one solution. This is just one attempt at bringing awarness to one problem. Thanks for promoting it!