Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emile Mack's Story at the MPAK-LA Region Gathering

The MPAK-LA Region met at Haram's house (Henry and Miyon Hough) on June 25th.  This blog is wee bit late due to my work travels, and other pressing matters.  The Houghs did a fantastic job in hosting the gathering, which was attended by 13 families.  With a plenty of space for kids to play, and with a great company of people, topped with sumptuous dinner was fabulous. 

The main story of the evening belonged to Emile and Jenny Mack as they shared their story of adopting Miya, who came last year.  Emile shared his story through a slide show that chronicled the adoption adventure that began when they came to the MPAK picnic in May 2008.  After much wrangling with the adoption process due to his age limitation, where Emile and I visited Korea together to resolve this, Miya finally came home.  Both Emile and Jenny are very happy and having lots of fun spending time with Miya. 

Emile is one of the most successful adoptees I met, as he has a very close ties to his parents that were African-Americans.  A very unusual type of adoption, but his parents have molded and inspired Emile to become who he is today.  Today he is the Deputy Fire Chief of the Los Angeles Fired Department overseeing 4000 employees as the No. 2 man in the department.  Both Emile and Jenny wanted a daughter to make a complete family.  But Emile also wanted to give back to the adoption, which he feels has blessed him very much.  You may read more about his fascinating stories with pictures as he was featured in the KoreaAm magazine not too long ago at:

The surprising part of all, and a very pleasant one, is how Miya resembles so much like her father in looks as if she was born from him and Jenny.  The slide presentation culminated with the scenes from their celebration of Miya's first birthday celebration.  It was a beautiful presentation, and a beautiful story.  We wish all the happiness and blessings to the Mack family.

Emile, Jenny, and Miya shared their adoption story at the gathering.

This is Haram's House where we met.

In the kitchen area where the sumptuous dinner was served

Some of the dinner spread
Me in red conducting the meeting and introducing Emile
Emile shares his adoption story

A group photo of the MPAK-LA families

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