Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Seoul, Korea

I flew in last night and arrive in Seoul.
Every year about this time I make my trip to Korea.
The main objective is to participate in the National Adoption Day event, and this year marks 6th year since the National Adoption Day was established in Korea in 2005. 
The event draws around 1000 people from all over Korea, and it is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) of the Korean Government.  The event usually starts with an award ceremony recognizing all the individuals who have contributed much to the cause of adoption, and the second half of the program usually features adoption story and performances by well know artists.  Last year, the performance was given by a girl group called 2NE1, whom I didn't know anything about, but apparently popular even among the Korean-American teenagers in the US. 
After this event, I have to travel down to the Pusan City, where I have been invited by the city to come and speak to its city employees.  I don't have much information on what type of employees, or how many, but I am honored to be there to give a lecture to the city audience.
After that I will visit an orphanage in the Kimcheon city where they will have an adoption promotion event.  I have known this particular orphanage for many years and is one of my favorite place due to the warmth and care of the children by the orphanage director Mrs. Kim Jung Sook.
The next day I am scheduled to visit Chungjoo City where I am scheduled to speak at a church giving a testimony on Sunday.  After all the events and activities, I am to fly back to the States on Monday.
It is going to be a very busy schedule, and in between times I will try to visit MOHW and an adoption agency on a matter related to the issues of certain waiting children who have been already assigned families but have to wait for next year for visa clearance due to quota placed by MOHW on how many children can leave the country each year.
More to come later.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I hope you can help the children waiting come home soon!

  2. Thank you for all the work that you do to promote adoption. I hope you have a blessed and productive trip. We look forward to your updates and hope to hear how adoption in Korea is changing for the better. =)

  3. I am praying fervantely that your work will sprout trees for all of the seeds you have planted over the years this trip. My little girl is one of those waiting children who will likely be closer to 2 when we are able to bring her home. The situation is so sad on so many levels. I'm an attachment specialist here in the States and while I know she is receiving the best care possible there in Korea, her bonding with myself, her father, and her Korean born older brother will be potentially so much harder the older she gets. Thank you for the work you are doing and may God richly bless every endeavor you make on the behalf of orphans who deserve a loving home more than anything!!!